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NBZ Healthcare is the leading expert in developing and manufacturing user-friendly oral dosage forms containers including Effervescent tubes with desiccant caps for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food industries.

We passionately believe in providing the most convenient and pleasant experience for patients and consumers, and are renowned experts in making products easy to take.

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We offer indicator tightness tested tablet packaging.

We check the integrity of the primary packaging as a whole (tube and cap), which is a prerequisite for maintaining product quality.

In a tightness test with blue indicator liquid, we check the integrity, which informs us about the packaging components in terms of composition/dimension and sealing variables in relation to time, temperature and pressure.

All items comply with current food directives, such as European regulations 1935/2004 / EC and 10/2011 / EC. The products are also manufactured according to the BRC standards for product protection and hygiene.


Testing in effervescent packaging is critical to ensure the quality, stability, and effectiveness of the product. Effervescent tablets are particularly sensitive to factors like moisture, air, and light, which can impact their integrity and performance.
To maintain the quality standard, following tests are conducted on each & every batch before supply to the client.

  • Leak test.
  • Dimension measuring tests.
  • Microbial testing.
  • Dessicant fill weight check.
  • Automated Camera inspection for any defects externally.
  • Deionization to ensure tubes are supplied without any foreign particles.